The following represents just a small portion of the praise clients and others have for Keith's legal services.



Highly Recommended

Keith Cope is an excellent lawyer and an amazing human being. From the very start of the case, it showed that he knew very well what he’s doing in his profession. I had 2 felony charges and was facing a maximum of 10 years. I was offered no plea bargains and yet thanks to Keith who kept me believing there was hope, I was able to hold my head high through the whole year and a half that it took to finish my case. The odds were stacked against me in this situation, and yet he found a way to get me not only a reduced sentence of just 180 days in jail, but he even convinced the judge to put the 180 days to the side and get me straight on probation. I do believe Keith got me the best possible outcome that I could have. He’s an extremely smart man and brings a very strategic approach to the court room. You definitely can't go wrong with Keith Cope. He is highly recommended! By Marcus, on January 11, 2019

Keith Cope Is A Most excellent attorney

I was immediately impressed when I called the number on Keith’s website, and he answered the phone! I was very stressed out and needed an attorney; he set my mind at ease right away, and then he proceeded to represent me over the next 3 months with a favorable outcome in the end. I highly recommend Keith Cope if you need legal help. By Jana, on October 19, 2018

Best lawyer ever

Mr. Keith Cope is an amazing attorney, he dealt with my misdemeanor case on the first court date and I've never felt so confident in any other lawyer I’ve ever had as I was with him. I definitely recommend him to anyone that has legal issues. Very professional, soft spoken, and works hard for his clients. By Ryan, on April 4, 2018


Fantastic thinker...and doer

We were having a legal problem. Keith not only helped us to successfully prevail, he was very helpful with staving off anxiety. Being a therapist, I am well aware of how important that is when dealing with stressful situations. Keith wrote a very masterful, brilliant letter to our landlord that ameliorated our situation quite favorably. This has been the best experience I have ever had with a lawyer. I semi-humorously call him My Hero. By Cotton, on October 18, 2017



In every sense of the words ROCK STAR! We were facing what seemed to be insurmountable odds against us and Keith pulled us out of a tailspin death roll! I won't go into too many details, but man, how amazing. Keith's points include: good communication skills, good judgment, analytical skills, research, people skills, perseverance, creativity! Slam dunk people! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! By Greg, on October 6, 2017


Hands Down!! Best Attorney Ever!

If Keith Cope ran for office, I would vote for him!

I read some of the reviews his past clients have posted, and I can only say the words like phenomenal, honor, compassion, excellent, experienced in his field; all describe Keith Cope.

I had a very complicated case involving convictions. Keith Cope took my case on my merit. Keith Cope never left me in the dark about my position, he had confidence in my case, never letting me stress. Keith Cope's professionalism is recognized by the courts and respected. In the past, Keith Cope was an experienced prosecutor in CCC, prior to becoming a criminal defense attorney. Keith Cope's negotiating skills are unparalleled to any counsel I have ever had met. Do your homework, go to his website. If you are in need of an attorney, I would call Keith Cope! By James, on June 10, 2017


I highly recommend Keith Cope

I first found Keith after searching for criminal attorneys. I am extremely happy he caught my eye. He is easy to talk to, respectful, and genuinely cares to do everything in his power and knowledge of law (which is amazing) to give you the best defense you've ever experienced. I most definitely will seek him out if needed again, and will recommend Keith Cope to anyone. Huge benefit to have him fighting by your side. So many thanks to you Keith for what you've done for me. By Crystal, on April 24, 2017


Keith is the most sincere and caring Attorney you will ever meet!

My husband and I own a business and I met Keith Cope approximately 15 years ago when he came to purchase an item from us. I remember talking to Keith and recall how soft spoken and calm he was. This was not very common in the music industry. I only spoke with him that one time, however, Keith’s mannerisms and soft nature made a lasting impression on me.

Fast forward to 2014, my husband was arrested and charged with shining a flashlight at a police helicopter. This act was not intentional, it was night time and he was shining the light into a tree when the helicopter flew overhead. The charge was serious and my husband was innocent. At that time, I suggested that my husband call Keith Cope, as I remembered what a caring person he seemed to be. We were a 5-hour drive from Keith and this was impracticable. We hired our first attorney, whom wanted my husband to take a plea bargain. My husband is innocent and a plea bargain made no sense. We hired a second attorney, whom was willing to fight for my husband, however he became very ill and could not finish the case.

Two and a half years now past, and we were still fighting the charge. I pleaded with my husband to call Keith Cope and ask his opinion, if only for a consultation on what to do. Keith listened to my husband by phone for over an hour and he decided to take the case. Keith believed in my husband’s innocence and was willing to fight for his rights.

On several occasions, Keith took the 5-hour drive to show up in court on my husband’s behalf. He proved without a shadow of a doubt that my husband was innocent and the case was dismissed! Keith assured me from day one of taking the case that he would not let my husband be charged for a crime he was innocent of. He had faith in my husband and in turn we had faith in him. I have never met a person so compassionate about his job and the people who look to him for help. Without Keith, I know my husband would have been unfairly charged. By Jacquie, on March 12, 2017



Keith's expertise, knowledge, and professionalism are unparalleled. Not only is Keith an excellent attorney, he is also a wonderful person. I can recommend no one better! By Jamie, on October 26, 2016


Keith Cope ROCKS!

I have such peace of mind knowing that Keith Cope is looking out for me. I believe he is a brilliant attorney who truly does his homework. He came highly recommended to me by someone that I have a lot of respect for, and he has exceeded my expectations. By Sue, on September 7, 2016


Absolutely Wonderful

Mr. Cope has been my attorney for the past 4 yrs, Corp. & Personal. I've always been treated with the up most respect. Mr. Cope's professionalism and knowledge of law has been heaven sent. 5 stars and I highly recommend Mr. Cope. By Elizabeth, on June 23, 2016


Like a Boss

I met Mr. Cope at the Trinity County court house and he went to bat for me on my word 20 minutes later. He kept Trinity County from really throwing the book at me, and tried his best for my transfer out. He is worth his salt and is solid council. By Jeremy, on May 9, 2016


Highly recommended!! 5 stars

Keith got referred to us when my husband and I were facing several criminal felony charges. After our initial meeting with Keith we both felt comfortable with him taking on our case. We didn't bother meeting with any other attorneys to discuss our case (which says a lot because I usually get 2nd opinions), and we received many lawyer marketing pieces in the mail. With this being the first time either of us have been in trouble with the law, we had no idea what to expect with the whole court process (which can be quite the lengthy process). We were told our case could take up to a year to solve.

After Keith's negotiations outside of court, he was able to get our case dismissed after four months. Keith genuinely cares. He always answers the phone when we reach out to him, and he took the time to research specifics pertaining to our case so we can move on with our lives. We are very grateful to have Keith as our attorney, and he is highly recommended! By Nicole, on April 25, 2016


Gratitude for a skilled, caring, committed attorney who gets results!

I worked with Keith Cope on a case with a family member - a Vietnam vet with PTSD - who initially was both scared and distrustful. At our first meeting. I was in awe of Keith's ability to just settle in with an empathetic ear and ask questions in a such a manner that they were well received. We both left that first meeting feeling we'd found the right attorney. In what was a rather sensitive case, Keith was able to figure out exactly what needed to be done, was exemplary with working with others in the legal system, ferreted out evidence where it seemed almost impossible and finally brought the case to a close in a manner that was gratefully received. A good friend referred us to Keith and she was right - he knows what he's doing & he's the best! By Sandra, on April 4, 2016


Integrity, Honor, Compassion

I was facing my 2nd DUI in 2 years with a PV; naturally I was afraid. Afraid I'd lose my home, my income, and my sanity. From the get go Keith assured me he would fight for me, and not to worry that he had my best interest at heart. I was sure I would get the harshest sentence for a 2nd time offender with a violation but that was not the case. When it comes to finding a lawyer who is compassionate about his client's circumstances, and when it comes to finding a lawyer with integrity and one who knows what it means to be an honorable man, there is none better than Keith Cope. He had my high BAC enhancement thrown out, and my prior thrown out, so for my 2nd offense I was given the same punishment as if it was my 1st.

There is no better attorney in Shasta County, and if you or someone you care for is in need of proper legal representation do yourself a service and call this man. He WILL fight for you and your best interest so that you can get on with your life. He will represent you with Integrity, Honor and compassion and ensure you the best possible outcome even better than what you think you deserve. Thank you Mr. Keith Cope! By a client, name withheld, on August 17, 2015



Keith Cope is the attorney to have, no matter what your needs, he will guide you in the best way possible. Take my advice and hire him for his advice. By Jared, on April 29, 2014


Phenomenal Attorney!

I have hired several attorneys over the course of my life, and they've all been disappointments. Even though some of them came highly recommended, they either failed to deliver what they promised, didn't communicate well, or flat out lied to appease me. Therefore, I never felt compelled to write a review.

That all changed when I retained Keith Cope. Keith represented me in a case in which all the odds were against me. I really thought I was done for, even though he kept reassuring me that it would be ok. He kept promising me that everything would work out in the end--and it did! He really went above and beyond, exceeding my expectations.

Keith is diligent and detail-oriented, and he takes the time to make sure you know what's going on every step of the way. He is prompt when it comes to returning phone calls and he always keeps his word, unlike so many other attorneys I have dealt with. What sets Keith apart from the rest is that truly cares about his clients, and he will work tirelessly to make sure you are taken care of.

I would highly recommend Keith to anyone needing an excellent criminal defense attorney. By Lora, on August 25, 2013


Keith Cope is an excellent attorney when you need one the most.

Keith has helped me with my personal legal concerns. Keith is effective and affordable. He communicates clearly and is honest and strait forward. Sometimes Keith is difficult to reach, but I believe it is a reflection of the high demand for his services. He is a good man! By Seth, on August 15, 2013