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With over 24 years of experience, attorney Keith Cope provides the very best in criminal defense, cannabis law, corporate, and related legal services. Although he has a great range of experience in successfully defending all types of criminal cases, Mr. Cope also specializes in advising California's cannabis industry. He currently has well over 300 cannabis clients throughout the state. As a former prosecutor, corporate attorney, and defense counsel, Mr. Cope is uniquely situated as an expert in this field.

He is a powerful advocate regardless of the forum, whether in trial, before administrative hearings, pretrial proceedings, and particularly in complex negotiations. Whatever it takes, his sincere aim is to best serve clients and their families. If you or a loved one has any problem, Mr. Cope can resolve it in the best way possible. 


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Keith's vision and skills for achieving justice in the criminal legal system, and guiding clients through the maze of California's rapidly changing cannabis laws. 

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